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Default Re: Contentment Samples

Alright guys, good news. My buddy in New Mexico says he got the jurak out of customs. It was overly dry (he knows more about Jurak then I do) and so he added some molasses to it (Turkish molasses as you can't get the Iranian stuff easily) and now it's at the right consistency.

Everyone that requested samples will be getting a PM with the info to make the paypal payment to cover shipping costs (I think it will be 2-3 bucks) so keep an eye out for that.

Beyond that I had a chance to try try my share of the samples and all I can say is that it's mind blowingly good. Extremely rich with a tone of flavours from coffe, a sorts of tobaccos, cinnamon, honey, molasses, vanilla, something I can't put my finger on and a bunch of floral/herbal notes. One of the most complicated and subtle smokes on the planet. If G-d is a merciful and as caring as I have been led to believe mountains of this stuff will be found in the after life.

You should set this up as you would a normal mu'essel although it works best in a funnel with mod setup or a super chief. Once you get it smoking decently cut back on the heat as you don't want to risk losing any of the delicate flavours. Also note that this stuff doesn't have any preservatives so you can't let it sit around for ever like modern products.
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