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Default Re: OC hookah lounges

Fusion Cafe.

It's a hit-and-miss with this place. Everytime I go, though, I can feel them watching me, their eyes watching me as I sit down and smoke. They use Starbuzz, just like every other cafe in town, so I don't expect much in terms of flavor.

Their hole patterns are awful and I am quite sure the employees ball up a good amount of shisha and plop it on the bowl, a la the ******* Town hookah lounge in Pennsylvania.

The music they play is a medly of awful cheese, I mean trance, and top-40 hip-hop. On a good day their playlist is peppered with middle eastern instrumentals, but unlike Ice Cube, today was not a good day.

Quite frankly, it appears as if the employees at this "lounge" only care about serving their chums, while leaving the paying customer, me, sitting on an old couch, pock-marked with burns.

In their defense, I will say they do serve a damn good cup of Turkish coffee.
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