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Make sure you "fluff" or"sprinkle" the shisha when you pack the bowl and make sure its a lil below the rim or else you will burn the shisha.

Also add more coals and your good to go!

BTW make sure you have no leaks in your hookah either. To check for leaks (do this before you set anything up) have the hose attached to the hookah and make sure everything is connected. Then suck air through the hose while you put your palm over the top of the stem. If you feel some function and no air escaping in the hookah, then leaks aren't a prob. But, if you do feel suction but you do feel that air is escaping, check your hookah and find where that leak is.

Also, check if you hose has leaks as well.

TO do this, cover the other end of the hose while you blow through the other end and if there is no air escaping, then there is no leak in the hose.
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