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Default Re: Welcome to the Cool forum lol

Originally Posted by Lakemonster

here goes.

Fuck GenuineHookahs........ Fuck cheap ass chinese hookahs........ and fuck Nakhla Tropicana

Why? GH service ethic sux.... chinese hookahs rust and break.. and Tropicana smells like Renuzit deoderizor.

Lakemonster: Stickin it to the man.

Nakhla makes some good stuff but i'd never think of smoking tropical flavour. It sounds artificial and nasty. GH is a horrid company with no service, lousy products and a real problem with honesty. I have never heard a single good report about the guy. Chinese pipes are a poor value in my mind as are the ever popular mini-hookahs that have flooded the market. Syrian, Persian, Lebanese, Turkish and a few Egyptian brands are what I prefer.
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