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Originally Posted by Sambooka
So you use vinegar dunkel? Have you compared it to lemon juice or plain old water as cleaners? Thoughts?
I never used lemon juice because it's too costly compared to vinegar. I clean my hookah base and stem every other day (after 4 sessions I use flavors that tast close to avoid conflict) and I always use about 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and very warm water in the base. I fill it all the way up and use the brush to clean it out good, then I dump it out. I then run warm water in again halfway up and put my hand over the top and shake it vigorously, then fill it up the rest of the way and dump it. There is no smell whatsoever in the base after this cleaning. For the stem I run hot water down the stem for a minute, then I put about a tablespoon or 2 of vinegar on the stem brush and brush it good. I then rinse off the brush in hot water and wash the stem out with hot water and brush again. Then a final rinse with hot water and the stem is done. Always nice and shiny inside and no smell or flavor left behind.

I clean the hose once a week. I take the mouthpiece off and put a kitchen funnel in the hose end and put in a tablespoon of vinegar. I then fill the hose with warm water, put the mouthpiece back on, put a thumb on each end and give it a good shake for a minute. Put the end opposite of the mouthpiece in the sink and raise the mouthpiece end up so the water and vinegar mix pours out. Run a twisted up paper towel on the inside of the mouthpiece to get and water out, then blow the hose out. Do this until no water sprays out of the hose end. Then I roll up a piece of paper towel like a long spitball (minus the spit of course) and put it in the mouthpiece and blow it through. I do this 3 times. This gets any leftover moisture out of the hose. There will be no tast or smell left in the hose after this.

It sounds complicated but it really isn't.
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