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From my experience, I'd only go with a two-hose for hookahs 20" and up. But even then; I have a 35" and a 40" hookah for example..both are one-hose hookahs. I just think one-hose hookahs smoke better...but that's just my personal opinion/experience with both one-hose and multiple-hose hookahs.

As for the smaller hookahs; such as the MYA QT and Bambino for example...I'd definitely go with the one-hose version. Basically with me...I opt for one-hose hookahs regardless of the size of the hookah; and I think you should too.

For those that say the smaller hookahs are good 'starter' hookahs; it's kind of misleading to call them 'starters'. Most experienced smokers I know (including myself); or that at least consider themselves 'experienced' (yes i realize its subjective)...smoke from the 'starter' hookahs as well; because they are easier to manage and they actually produce some quality smoking sessions for their small size.

I just got my first 'starter' hookah (before this one I only smoked from/owned larger hookahs). So I asked around the forum for how best to use this little fella; btw...thanks for the input everyone. Anyway...I'll sit my little MYA QT on my desk as I work on my laptop and puff away at the same time. SO FAR, SO GOOD...great little booger.

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