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Default Re: Looking for a super stable hookah

1lowtoy...I purchased a 35" KM Blue Caravan Hookah from some time ago. It was great because along with the Hookah; included was this rubbery/coaster looking thing that wraps around the bottom of the hookah's vase.

The covering is very grippy to begin with; and gets even grippier whenever the ice inside the vase melts during a smoking session. I've placed the vase on all types of surfaces...wood floors (which I too have), carpet, tile, concrete...and it works great on all of them

I've seen various vendors sell the same hookah (sometimes with a different name/design on the vase)...but the exact same hookah; W/O the extra rubber stopper at the bottom of the vase. BUT was the only vendor I saw that sold this Hookah with the rubber coaster included with the purchase price (oh and the purchase price for this particular hookah was cheaper than other vendors by about $5).
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