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Default Re: Acclimation time

I smoked strawberry Romman recently for the first time, inside with the A/C on 74, with one foil and it was almost too much for me to take. Cough cough cough, tickle wheeze. Buzz harder than I liked. I had let it only aclimate for like an hour.

Second time, last night I tried againk. Double foil and smoked outside in the hot humid central florida summer heat. Was WAAAY better. Still a tickly every now and then, but only when I let it get too hot. I'm thinking if you live in a humid climate and smoke outside, you wont notice the benefits of acclimating as much as someone else might.

From what I've read, mostly by Highlord Tangiers (I'm not worthy ), its only the unwashed/high nicotine shishas that need to be acclimated. Nicotine is what causes the humidity shock.
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