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Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding View Post
Amen! lol

So many people are like "EW! You smoke tobacco?" because when they think tobacco...They think nasty cigs and start thinking hookah is exactly the same. I don't think so :P They have no idea on what da heck they're talking about
omg my parents are like that, they know i have hookahs and know i smoke them and im allowed to and all but they allways give me a hard time about it like " omg thats nasty, drug addict, nasty ass habit" and shit like that. then once i was talkin to my parents and my brother chimes in like " hey you gonna go smoke your **** later!?!" im like STFU! and corrected him with " its a fuckin waterpipe that you smoke flavored tobacco/shisha from " but yea ive allways wanted to smoke outdoors like on my front porch and outside my g/fs apartment but im allways worried about what cops are gonna say so who knows??
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