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Exclamation Re: ANy good shisha retailers in the UK?

Yep, and

But for 50g samples there not great, Shishashop has loads of flavours if your after 250g pots though.

Hookah Shop has more 50g samples but theirs not great varieties.

There not bad for Shishas either, my mate buys a lot of hookahs from hookah shop, and even Ebay. Also uses hookah-shisha when he has the cash for shipping, he also knows a bloke who can order him EXTREME hookahs from India like the 5 footer hes just gone over to get!

One of my other friends, is under age (17 so just!) and he uses Amazon UK and as well as Ebay UK and, they have quite a good variety. But mainly because of the packaging, because its just plain with amazon on it etc. I have told him most online retailers use plain boxes for your privacy but hes a bit worried.
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