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Default Re: My KM is leaning

That white grommet doesn't look like the original black grommet that comes with a KM hookah. SOME hookahs MAY come with a grommet of a different color...but not KMs; and not ones from HookahCompany or any other reputable vendor either (******* Hookah, SaharaSmoke, etc.).

And not only is the grommet not the original black grommet; but it's also not the original size.

More than likely HookahCompany won't take the hookah've already used it. People might say..."sometimes you don't know something's not right until you actually use it"...this may be true; but that's the nature of hookahs/shisha..they're not ALL uniform where they're going to be cranked out the exact same from a ALPHA clone that's PERFECT.

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