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Default Re: hookah and wine?

I am a fan of wine. I prefer red over white and as far as I am concerned blush does not exist.
I could go into my favorite domestics and imports or the grape types I prefer that give a good nose and flavor as well as mouth feel but I don't think we have time for that.

Above all else my favorite wine is honey wine or mead. I LOVE it and mead pairs very well with hookah.

Each mead is different depending on the time of year that the honey was harvested, what kind of bees they were, the area they gathered in and the types of plants they gathered from. Beyond that there is more variation in flavor based on what the mead is brewed with. Pyment, melolmels, cysers, metheglins....
The list of variations is endless. It ranges from the very simple dry mead all the way to things like Apis Jadwiga which is brewed with raspberry and spices. There are even rhodamels, mead brewed with rose blossoms. It's amazing.

I brew my own so the variations are endless.
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