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Default Re: New online hookah store

I used to own a cafe but never a mail order place so take what I have to say as you will. If you carry just the major brands I can't think of any reason to give you a try for the simple reason that I do business with about 6 or or so American mail order places and all of them give me great service so I have no motivation to get SB/Fumari/AF/AW/Nakhla etc. from a new untested place given the time and costs of shipping stuff. If you want to compete with the established players you'll either have to have lower prices (and lets face it, that won't happen) or you'lll need to have tobacco brands they don't have. Literally hundreds of great brands are not imported to the states and if you were to carry a couple I would be willing to give you a try. Other wise you're not worth the risk.

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