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Originally Posted by Rob416 View Post
yeah one thing you forgot is the price and maybe the link soo we can see the hookah and get you a good jugement on it... all in all i would get better coals and MORE tobacco haha Af is good.. but yeah if you like it and wanna spend the money go for it.. (also Look into the Syrain) they are great hookahs maybe you can find a syrian hookah package..
The link well that's not possible because its from a shop. And replying to the others, this is basically included with the HOOKAH apart from the extra bowl and the rubbish tobacco and coals! It costs only a few pounds more than the basic hookah so no loss. The price is approx $55 and in pounds its 28, so not a huge cost, really I cant afford to get a Bambino shipped because I just bought a new car! BUT I REALLY WANT TO SMOKE! And don't fancy going back to the dark side of bad drugs, and when I say bad I mean BAD, everything apart from meth...

I will also quickly look for a syrian but doubt they have one in the UK...
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