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Default Re: Looking for a super stable hookah

I only use the bambino indoors in the house so i only use it every once and a while ive tiped it a couple times nothing like the garbage chineese i have but im wondering if it has to do with my hose now. I belive its a namar but was given to me with my bambino i got from my friend. It has acrylic ends and looks like one just wonder if its to much weight handing on the side i have extended the hose where it had a coal fall on it and burn it. but it still has the large end on it. wonder if i should buy a cheep wooden ended washable hose to see if the weight is a factor. i can get the hot glue on the base i made to release any time i want with some light heat. so may try it. does any one think the hose weight hanging on the side could be a issue.
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