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Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding View Post
Well the FDA says its okay for food but they never said anything about smoking it lol.

Glycerin and honey is naturally in shisha even when you buy it. Buying glycerin and adding it into the shisha is just a restorer for very dry or old shisha. It seriously brings back dry shisha to life lol. Not only that, it gives off more clouds, that is why most shishas have glycerin in them.
glycerin is not naturally in shisha. It is an additive. and not all brands use it.also, it is not added to tobacco by manufacturers for the sake of clouds, but because it is an excelent immulsifier which burns flavorlessly and evenly, and can hold the flavor throughuot the smoke. It is also used as a presservative which can keep the tobacco moist.
For centuries, moassel was made using only mollasses/honey. It was only recently that glycerin was added to the wetter, more contemporary brands. Personally, I preffer mollasses/honey based brands but unfortunately glycerin is hard to avoid these days.
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