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In truth, it's all down to the end user. Some will love MYA's, other Syrians, even other KM's & MZ's. They are all different types of pipes, looking and even acting different (as in smoking). Plus price can affect the pipe selection - a 40$ QT is completely different than shelling out $100 for a large KM/ZM/Syrian.... but it's a total different smoking experience.

If it's your first pipe, it comes down to sticking to a small, but known producer (22" E, QT or Bambino) or shelling out for a larger rig (km/MZ/or Syrian). Plus, take into consideration - are you gonna travel with it? Do you have to stash it out of sight afterwards? How long do you plan on keeping it BEFORE either selling or getting a new one?

Good luck and enjoy what ever you choose.... in the end, it's all up to you.
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