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I've owned literally a hundred or more narghiles over the years of virtually everything you can think of and I've drawn a few conclusions which i'll restate briefly.

1) Mya makes Chinese crap. I've owned several and none of them last over a year without serious trouble and some never even made to the 6 month mark. They are overpriced junk made with slave labour and the other Chinese made rigs are worse. Most people that have tried something of quality from Syria or Egypt end up giving up on Mya stuff.

2) All of the major Egyptian brands ( KM, El Ashrey, MZ, Shisha King etc) are usually well built and perform well. I personally don't think that any qualitative difference between the bigger Egyptian brands exist but that is just me. They tend to not be as decorated as Syrians nor as heavy but they usually are pretty good.

3) Generic Egyptian made rig are a gamble. More often then not they are poorly built and don't perform well although you may get a good one why risk it when you can get a decent rig for not much more money?

4) Syrians. I am huge fan of Syrians and they will continue to comprise most of my collection for some time. I like the closed, common style smoke chamber and the weight of the Syrians. I also perfer brass to stainless steel and have found that on the whole Syrian products last longer and have better quality craftsmanship.

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