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Syrians: Beautifully made. Very heavy looking hookahs and most of them are made of brass (which means they will last you for a long time)

MYAs: There are some beautifully made models. Great designs and details on their hookahs. The small travel hookahs are the best ones on the market

KMs: Very traditional and good looking hookahs. Purge and draw are amazingly effortless.

MZs! hehe: Purges and smoke effortlessly like the KM. WAYYY CHeaper than all of these choices and its still a traditional egyptian hookah


Syrians: The only one I can think of is that they are more expensive than the other choices.

MYAs : Way too expensive for what it is worth. Purge and pull isn't as easy as the other choices

KMs: Jar (vase) quality has gone down immensely to a point that paint starts to come off after a while (Eric, the maker of Tangiers said so himself). Also, the NEW KM hoses are known to be having some quality issues.

MZs: Not as much of a design on the vases like the other choices.
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