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Default Re: fumari brick contest

I would like to say, I have roommates, 2 of them - we all run off the same IP as far as forums go and so on. they've not been able to reg on some forums i've already regged on. I dont know a whole hell of a lot about computers and internet but i know that much to be true.

Sounds like fraud, call me crazy.

Originally Posted by Speak_In_Vowels View Post
no he seriously only had 2 votes, while i had 63 votes.
i called them to ask why i lost, and their response was "you had a couple votes from the same ip address, and in our eyes thats cheating."

so let me get this straight, i got a "couple" votes from some people, in which i have no control of so i have to lose because of this??

i mean it would be understandable if i only had a few votes more than him but i had 61 more votes than him lol.

oh well, maybe next time.
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