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Syrians- Pros: They are more decorative than most other hookahs, most are made of brass which is heavy and last forever.

Syrians- Cons: Most are more expensive, and most of them are common chambered (except for the Nour Syrians John at CH carries) so they don't purge well and don't draw as well as a standard chamber.

KMs- Pros: Most are very nice looking, they hit and purge well, and they are one of the best reviewed hookahs by folks that own them.

KMs- Cons: Their welds aren't as clean as some other name brand hookahs are, they sell out fast so finding what you want could prove difficult, and you have to shop around to get a decent price (some vendors charge $30 or more for the same identical model that another vendor offers)

MYA- Pros: They are factory made so they are consistent, and if you are looking for a hookah that can become a multi hose when needed it's pretty much the only game in town.

MYA- Cons: They are made in China in factories (not handcrafted), they are way over priced, their have been quite a few reports about the vases being junk, and they are common chambered so they don't purge or hit as well as a standard chambered hookah.

MZs- Pros: They are attractive, welds are cleaner than most other hookahs, they hit and purge well, lots of different modelsand they are the least expensive and solidly made name brand hookah, and there are lots of models readily available from several vendors.

MZs- Cons: I had to drill welding slag out of my purge valve for it to operate correctly, and I have heard at least one person broke a vase dropping an ice cube in it.
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