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Default Re: First try at tangiers- very dry smoke

Originally Posted by shavedturbo View Post
I packed it as close to the way scoop said as possible. I made it overflow a little, then moved the tobacco around w/a fork to get it to flatten out a little (didnt pack it though). It was a little higher than the top of the phunnel, then I put the foil on it and made holes. With 3 1/4 sticks of exoticas it isn't smokeable, so I have taken it down to 2 and the smoke just hurts. There were no juices running down, its not "that" juicy, but its not dry either. My AF shisha is wayyyyy wetter than this stuff. Its juicyness level doesn't make it look like it would need a phunnel. The smoke is dry and burns like crazy. Smoke is very little. I have to be doing something wrong but I don't see how it could be this bad.

This is the guide I used:
The tobacco is dry? Like Nakhla dry? Tangiers is supposed to be wet Maybe you got an old and dried up batch?

Then if that isn't the prob, it sounds like you underpacked. You may think you have enough tobacco when really, you need more
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