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Default Re: First try at tangiers- very dry smoke

Originally Posted by thesauce310 View Post
but i was always wondering why do we need to pack so much tangiers into the bowl? I have the same problem, it hurts the throat. Me and my friend Banda1d got it to work 1 time out of about 6 tries. Since then we've been missing it with SB and AF flavors...
Tangiers is a Noir style tobacco and it has more nicotine content, which means it needs to be packed a different way compared to regular shishas.

Yeah it is a bi-otch to get it right! lol

All in all, now after all my tries, its the coals. Heat management is the key to make this stuff smoke. I used to think Tangiers was a load of BS(dont kill me Tangiers lovers! lol) until one of my buddies packed a bowl of Maraschino cherry...damn it was delicious! I just had a tingle in the back of my throat while smoking this flav, but I've heard its normal
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