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Default Re: First try at tangiers- very dry smoke

Originally Posted by shavedturbo View Post
I'll have to try it again later with more tobacco in there. It isn't dry, its shiny and it was sticking to my fingers, but its not drippy wet like my AF or like I expected.
Tangiers uses different stuff like tobacco, glycerin, and molasses compared to shishas like Starbuzz and AF. I believe that is the reason why it smokes so good and why the flavors are so delicious and realistic compared to like SB or something lol.

Yeah more tobacco is good! Try that. I believe I have packed the tobacco right, it was just the coals that was making the session horrible. You have to put a smaller amount of coals than you usually do. Like for example, you usually put 1/3 of a stick on the phunnel for SB or something, use HALF of that amount for Tangiers. That's how heat sensitive this stuff is. if its still not smoking, putting on a windcover.
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