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Originally Posted by 1stGenRex View Post
Dunkels post > Jilly's

Nothing against you Jilly, but you are just re posting something someone else said on another forum. Eric from Tangiers makes a great product, BUT that does not make him the hookah god.
Yes of course! Dunk is way more educated with this stuff than me, I've been only smoking hookah regularly for about a year.

Anyways Hehe never said that he was a God or something lmao. I just used that example since he's one of the reliable sources when it comes to hookahs

Not only that even before I heard that off of eric, many people were complaining about paint coming off of their new KM jars off of different forums and that the stems feel a lot lighter compared to the old ones. I have actually compared old kms to new ones and I can really see a big difference. Like the new ones are lighter but still durable but the old ones were pretty heavy and very durable. Not that its a prob, but it just feels like you won't get your money's worth I guess.

Not only that, I even saw some of the gold paint come off of my fifa pretty damn lame
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