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Default Re: Mya case help.... ASAP PLEASE!

Originally Posted by Martello View Post
Ok this is what you do...
the release, pull it as far to the open position as you're able. Put a BUTTER KNIFE under the right side of the latch itself. Whatever side is away from the rollers. Don't pry up, latch - twist the knife hard. You want to twist the knife in such a way that you're ptying up at the bottom of the latch. It will eventually come open.

You might want to put a tin rag or paper towels under the knife to avoid scratching.

As far as fixing the cmbo, i'll see if i can get to the lock from the insdie of my Mya case.
thanks, but I got it the old fashioned way, going through all possible number combinations.
anyways it ended up being 069.
I shoulda guessed 69 cuz well he is drunk and always saying sex jokes but you know.
thanks for the help everyone.
if anyone runs into this problem try mertello's way cuz I think that would be quicker.
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