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Default Does it really work? (a discussion of all hookah techniques, topic changes)

Why not have something compiled of everything. like all the "tricks" for people to use. but before its done we also discuss it. that way when something with all the pro's and cons from all sides and so people can also read peoples thoughts on it. this way when someone has a question they can be linked straight to that topic right away and get all their answers as all opinions would have been said.

the first post will be edited every few days for the new "topic"

If a topic is no longer in discussion anymore and you have a something new to say on that issue please feel free to add it.

9/7/07-9/8/07: Diffusers, do they really work? a discussion of all sides on this device
9/8/07-9/10/07: Funnels, your thoughts, any tips or tricks for them
9/8/07-9/10/07: Mods + funnels
9/10/07-9/??/07: Other liquids in base

Other liquids in base
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