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Default Re: Nammor or Razan?

Really when you question Razan and Nommar it’s really a question between vendors. I personally never intentionally prop a vendor by saying "hey. buy from Mahir of Nazar" or "buy from John of *******", though, those are who I order from exclusively. That’s just my answer when asked. I actually hate when people plug their fav vendors. Nothing wrong with it, it’s actually kind of nice – just cant stand fan-boyism.

But I’m going out on that limb here. Fact of the matter is IMO you really should get the Razan and not the Nommar. If anything goes wrong with it, odds are those who sell the Razan are going to be willing to deal with any issues that may come from it. Thus far no one has said his or her Razan was at all defective where with Nommar I’m hearing it a lot. But vendors who carry the Razan are a lot more likely going to work with you on the problem where as expecilay in my experience – if something goes wrong with ya Nommar; they’re not going to care because they have your money already. That’s what happened to me.

[FONT=&quot]In all of this, I say just get the Razan, you’ll be far better off.[/FONT]
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