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Default Re: Nammor or Razan?

I cant find a way to answer your question without selling something.

I might be able to try......note this is a TRY.....

Nammor has been out longer than the Razan.

Razans have had some slight difficulties, less than 5 to be more specific.

Hoses will always have issues, no matter the make. However, from what I have been noticing is that the Nammors that have been becoming damaged are Nammors that are recently purchased. Ones that are maybe 3months max.

Razans have been out quite a while now. About 8-9months now. Some will tell you they have had Razan for 6months no problems....Some will tell you they have had a Nammor for 6months no problems....

I have been personally using my Razan since day 1, no leaks or anything. But then again I amm someone who takes care of my things, i am not saying any of you with the problems dont.

I also have smoked out of Nammors, I personally didn't have any problems with them back then either.

Hope maybe this may clarify?

Nazar Hookah
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