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Default Re: Is there a real apple flavor out there?

Originally Posted by HookahETC

Listen to me when I tell you...Al Amir Apple. Believe me, once you try it, it's gonna be in your top 5; hands down. IMHO its one of the best apples out there if not THE best. If you can get a hold of any, let me know, I'll lend ya a hand.

I would be a fool to buy Al Amir again. I bought and tried tried both Caramel Apple and Pomegranate. Caramel Apple barely had any flavor at all, and Pomegranate had no taste at all. I hate when I spend my money on something and it total B.S. That being said if anyone has a sample of Al Amir Apple to share PM me and we'll hook up a trade. I have 10 favors or so to trade samples of.
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