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Default Re: How much do you smoke a day?

Originally Posted by Kreezun View Post
lol I hear that

I took aikido for 5 years and had to cut back on any smoking whatsoever as much as I could. It worked out a bit but these days I have reasons for going all out. I was diagnosed with ALS about a year ago (I'm only 18 =/) My father died just a year before I got diagnosed from the same disease. Shit sucks, but what can you do?

I dropped my martial arts classes and fattened up a bit (Doctors orders XD)

Luckily the disease is working slow on me. My father lived with it for about 6 years, it hit him bad

At the rate I'm going I have a long time left, so much so that I barely even give it any thought. I'm pretty healthy except for my 85 year old lungs :P

I usually smoke once in the morning when I get off work at 6 am. If I have the rest of the day off after my shift, i'll smoke that evening. So anywhere from 5-8 times a week i guess.

Kreezun, Damn man. I'm sorry to hear that. My uncle had ALS as well so I know what your family has been dealing with, and wish you and your family the best of luck. You'll be in my thoughts. Smoke it up man.

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