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Default Re: First try at tangiers- very dry smoke

Most common problems why Tangiers doesn't smoke right:

[LIST][*]Too little tobacco in the bowl. Be greedy with the amount you pack into the bowl. Less shisha makes the smoke thin and harsh.[*]Too few holes in the foil (not an issue with a screen). Also makes the smoke thin and harsh.[*]Tangiers required less heat than most shishas. Too much coal will cause the shisha to burn and smoke harshly. Try taking some coal of, or breaking the coal apart and spreading out the pieces.[/LIST] If you're getting good smoke, but it feels harsh, take some charcoal off. If you aren't getting much smoke, there is probably too little tobacco or too few a holes in the foil.
Frequently, the tobacco will smoke a little harsh for the first five minutes or so, but once the bowl gets up to temperature the whole thing will smooth out into smoking mode.
-Info pulled from Hookah Life
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