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Default Re: Does it really work? (a discussion of all hookah techniques, topic changes)

I use a homemade diffuser and I think it works for several reasons. I place 4 bendy or flexy (whatever) straws in the bottom of my stem and cut them off to a short length. Then I spread the ends to point in different directions. It seems to make the smoke a tad thicker and more flavorful. It also quiets the bubbling sound. Another added bonus is it stops "tin foil rattle" as I call it. I use a Nammor and it draws so effortlessly that on big hits the foil will rattle or shake enough to move the coals around a bit. Not as much of a problem when using Exotica's but QL's and Easy Lites would move enough that they nearly fall off the bowl. With the diffuser this doesn't happen.
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