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Default Re: Coconara or Exoticas?

Originally Posted by 1stGenRex View Post
those that voted Exotica, probably have never tried coconaras :P

Yes I have tried both and my reasons for my choice are listed above. I just didn't want anyone to think i was making a blind statement.

I just don't think that 14.95 for 84 pieces of coconaras vs 8.49 for 100 pieces of exotica (if you did 1/4) or 75 pieces ( if you do 1/3) is worth it. That's a difference of "about" 6.50. I'm sorry the wow factor wasn't there for me to really spend that much cash on something that didn't really impress me or work as "awesome" as everyone said.

A box of exoticas will last me 37.5 bowls and coconaras will last me 28 bowls at the consumption rate of 2 1/3 coals per bowl of exotica and 3 coals per bowl per coconaras.

****prices were taken off of MNHOOKAH.COM as they were the first company that I could think of that carried both products!****

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