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Default Re: So i got pulled over friday night and...

Originally Posted by xsmokethisx View Post
holy hell.

i would have been so pissed, but i guess it was a good thing that they cut you a check for it. but now you gotta waitt.
Ya, even if they payed for all the damage I'd still give em hell over it. I can understand that people may not fully understand the legality of EVERYTHING. But, in my opinion, there's no excuse for a police officer to take action on things that they 'think' are illegal. What kind of world would it be if all law enforcement did whatever they saw fit in whatever situation, no matter how little they know about it?

I'm no anarchist, but it makes me want to scream when I hear about stupid cops. Unfortunately, in the US, it's way too common.

One time I overheard a police talking to some stoner kids from my neighborhood about how our country was founded as a Christian nation. When I walked back outside (It was at the park right across the street from my house) with freshly printed fact sheets for his dumbass to review, he threatened to cuff me for 'obstructing law enforcement.'

I live in hick central, FL... but I know this kind of ignorance to the very essence of our country and whatever 'freedoms' we once had (God knows our nation is far from the free land it used to be) just pisses me off.
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