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Default Re: Coconara or Exoticas?

one day I will do a pic and video review of both. I'll keep everything the same and just change the coals. With cost aside, this will be a performance test. Factors will include lighting time on a coil stove, smoke thickness/heat at 15 min, 30 min, 45 min, and however long it will last. For now, my vote goes to coco nara for the following reasons. They never break while lighting/ashing(for me at least), they last an hour or more, they barely need to be ashed and no splintering from breaking apart(since they're pre shaped). I use 2 on a small phunnel and a standard egyptian bowl. Cost aside, these coals are excellent. With exotica having hit or miss batches, why take a chance when you can get a perfect product every single time?

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