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Default Re: PimpYourHookah order help

I’m usually very out spoken when I feel people are getting screwed. But what I have come to understand Bilal is going though a hard time. I’m not totally sure what that entails or how severe that may be. I hope he and his are all ok. I don’t think anyone should seek to make any matters worse for him especially since some or all of us aren’t aware of what issues may be.

But honestly if people who are members of this forum are still going to order and continue to have a negative experience – we’re really going to need SamB and Company to step to the plate for us on this one.

As a community – they’re who it is we have to rely on in situations such as these.
[FONT=&quot]Them and the Better Business Bureau.

PS if anyone can help explain this times new roman thing that would be great haha
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