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Default Re: PimpYourHookah order help

Originally Posted by golemjk View Post
It took over 5 week to get me the missing parts for my stuff. After the first 2 weeks Bilal stopped answering all of his calls. I finally talked to Weir, Bilals boss, and he seemed alright at first. 2 weeks later I called back and still nothing. Then he accused me of lying about the missing parts. I finally received my missing pieces, but he didn't send anything to make up for the crappy service. The business is still bad. There are other vendors on this forum with prices as good as PYH so don't waste your time with Bilal. PYH's customer service leaves alot to be desired.
Ahhh I wish billy didn't let his customer service go down! His business was good until it started going down hill these couple of months!

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