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Default First Starbuzz experience. total buzzkill.

So I've been smoking Nakhla for 6 months now and since I've found this site I've heard so many good things about starbuzz that I decided to grab a tin of it. I ordered some Starbuzz strawberry and my package came and the first thing i did was open up the starbuzz tin and it smelt heavenly. There was about 7 people in my apartment that I told about how good starbuzz supposedly was. I open it up to find that it is drenched in molasseses it's dripping in it. I packed a bowl of it and started to smoke it with my friends and it started to get really nice clouds but I couldn't even taste the strawberry all I could taste was like burning molasseses. I was done with it after about 15 minutes I couldn't stand the taste. So I put the tin in the fridge so it could soak up some of the molasseses and a couple days later a friend of mine that works at a hookah bar came over and prepared the bowl for me after wiping alot of the molasseses off. We smoked it again, same taste, burning molasseses. I haven't since touched it since, but is there any advice you guys can give me to get this to taste good at all?
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