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Default Re: First Starbuzz experience. total buzzkill.

Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding View Post
Sounds like you are overpacking the bowl. Is there a bowl mess of tobacco stuck on the foil? There's your prob.

Also, the coals may not be fully lit, as in glowing red ALL over and a layer of ash on it as well.

I've never experienced this before with Starbuzz. Do you mix the tobacco well to get the juices spread out evenly? ALWAYS do this with juicy shishas because the juice has most of the flavor in the tobacco
There wasn't tobacco stuck on the foil. It wasn't a harsh smoke just tasted like burning molasseses. The coal was completely lit. I was using 1 3 Kings coal. ill try to mix it around more to get the juices spread out more next time and double foil it to see if it makes any difference tomorrow.
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