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Default Re: Hookah Has Become Hard to Draw On

Originally Posted by kingboyb View Post
Hey Gang:

Was wondering if I could get some help on this one. I have a 32" Egyptian with Cobra Head Hoses. When I first got the hookah, I would smoke it solo with rubber plugs in the other two hose spots and it would draw fine. Over 4th of July Weekend, I took it to a party and for the the first time, hooked up the other hoses. It seemed like it was alot harder to draw on, and that
everyone had to draw at once to get smoke. HELP !!!

Make sure your bowl isnt OVER packed. cause it will get into the holes and sometimes clog them. or when you are smoking with multiple hoses without all of tem being auto seal, cover all the hose tips when one person is smoking.

hope that made sense.
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