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Default Re: So i got pulled over friday night and...

Originally Posted by SouthJerzyCat View Post
We have the same rights as any other law abiding tobacco smokers,
someone should make the police aware of this.
We hookah smokers are being singled out for our choice of how we
smoke our tobacco, this is unequal treatment. And the lame police
excuse of "drug paraphernalia" has no grounds because:
A. hookahs aren't illegal(as we all know)
A. no illegal substances are being used in it.
B. as we all know common place things sold in convenient stores such
as cigars, pipes, and rolling papers(all sold for tobacco use) also have
the potential to be misused.

Remember folks, the police have no right to violate our civil liberties.
When dealing with them in these situations stay calm, be respectful,
but know that you have rights, and make sure they know that your
aware of them.
Right on
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