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Default Re: Good first hookah??

Originally Posted by Hi-Definition View Post
whattup smokethis aka 'bowlmeister' haha.

BlueFish and others...I wouldn't truly consider the MYA QT as a 'first-timer' hookah...mainly because of the fact that I know a lot of hookah 'veterans' that own and smoke out of a QT as well (myself included). Also, the QT is probably one of the most commonly used hookahs in hookah lounges...because of its ease of portability as well as the fact that it smokes just as well as its larger counterparts. Which is all further testament that it's a great hookah for beginners and not-so-much-beginners alike.

I'd definitely recommend the MYA QT or any similarly-sized hookah from MYA (e.g. MYA Bambino). Why? A) Because it's small and manageable B) it smokes great C) You'll get compliments on it in both it's form and function. You'll even find youself giving compliments to you for making the purchase...I did for sure.
guess who only has one post....
I would recomend something like a 22" syrian. medium sized, very high quality, and excellent smoke.
also the KM percision is a nice choice:
or a KM caramana:
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