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hmmm the local lounges here are ok but mostly not that great, take forever to get your shit... this one lounge though the most popular one the owner is really cool and really nice and me and my friends are cool with him but his employees ( the waiters/servers) are bitches and just need to get fired they take like 45 mins to bring us coal, and like 30 mins before they even get us our hookah and sometimes when we raise our hand or something to get their attention they look right at us and ignore us its really gay my friend allways wants to take us to the lounges and he spends lots of money on that shit which is another thing we end up spending 30 bucks a night just to smoke hookah and to be honost were not fans of the typical food they offer at hookah lounges so in my opinion 10 bucks for 250gs of aF from the tobacco shop and all the food i can eat and drink while smokin at my own house is much better but every once in a while when we have lots of friends with us the lounge is fun but most of the time its not...
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