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Post Some basic questions about hookah...

So I was using the hookah tonight and was wondering if some of the harsh smoke I was getting about 20 minutes in, was due to how small my stem is(it measures 13.5 inches from top to bottom, not including with the base and bowl. It is an egyptian style also.). At first I thought is was to much heat but even with one coal I was still getting the harsh burnt taste. I tryed using two layers of the heavy duty tin foil and adding ice to the base, but after about 45 minutes I stopped and looked at the shisha and the top was gettin burnt and there was still a little on the bottom that was still good. I am thinking as I am writing this that maybe it was getting toward the end anyway and was going to be finished but I have never burned hookah-hookah shisha before and thought that maybe it was due to the size of coal I used and how small my stem was, must be time to upgrade. Also I was wondering if anyone new if shisha is better then cigarattes and cigars? I know smoking isn't the most healthy hobby but I am under the impression that shisha doesn't have all the harsh chemicals in it, would this be a good assumption? Thanks for the info.
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