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Default Re: Nice Try!!!!!! You can't trick us!

Originally Posted by shavedturbo View Post
So me and my buddy got really excited about's amazing sale prices on KM's and on top of that 15% off for hookapro members. We both put in an order for a KM chiller, exotica coals, and some shisha. Clicked the checkout button and LOLOLOLOLOL. They wanted $60 for GROUND shipping, almost $140 for 3 day select, and $490 for next day!!!!! HAHAHAH. What a RIP. Immediately clicked the cancel button and just laughed. It is sad to see them trying to rip the hookah community by offering super low prices and jacking up the shipping. What a joke is though!!! Just wanted to give everyone in the community a heads up!

Here is a screenshot...seriously

Hey ShavedTurbo,

We have had a few shipping issues on our website and are working on correcting this. Most of the shipping costs are calculated properly. We had noticed this error last week and as a result reimbursed the customers that were overpriced. We apologize for this and it should be resolved shortly.

Chuck-Sales mgr
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