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Default Re: Does it really work? (a discussion of all hookah techniques, topic changes)

ON foil rin method. I believe it works best with glycerin based mollases.the ring sould me only 0.4-5 cm high so its almost touching the foil deirectly above the shisha. THat way there is a pocket of hot air trapped between the two foils and the shisha is heated only with th air and not by the coal touching it. In my experience honey based molasses need more heat so using this method will still give off the taste but the smoke will not be so thick. > it obliusly needs more heat and takes longer to start.

What i want to know is about refregirating shisha. Some say its a must.. others say its the worst thing to do. I tried it only twice. !st time it made it last longer (Nakla strawberry) and second time it ruined it completetly making it unsmokable.
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