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Default Re: Nice Try!!!!!! You can't trick us!

Originally Posted by mamajosie View Post
I had the same issue with this site and the shipping being astronomical, especially with more than one item (it would have been 76.00 according to the site to ship me everything I wanted). I only ordered a hookah since it was much more reasonable for one item, but then emailed to let them know I would have bought more but the shipping was way too high. I got an email and a call at home from Chuck today and he explained that they are having trouble with the shipping calculator on their site and each item added adds shipping as though it was a separate order and that is why it went so high. He helped me reorder and got the shipping down to about 32.00 for a large order and he still honored the 15% off code that expired a couple days ago for my additional items, so I am very happy with this company and the customer service couldn't have been better. When I got on the site today with Chuck on the phone, the problem appeared to be fixed, so if you were considering an order with them, please try again or give Chuck a call. Once my order arrives, I will post a vendor review, but I just wanted to let you all know that there were some problems with the shipping calculator on the site.

also, need to add I am in rural TN, so I am sure many of you would have much lower shipping than I do - I am sure I am probably one of the most expensive to ship to as far as the different shipping zones go
$32 for shipping is still a LOT IMO
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