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Default Re: Nice Try!!!!!! You can't trick us!

I guess I will jump in too ...

Abu, I get what you are saying, and agree that we should know the real reasons before criticizing anybody! Totally agree with you man!

As for gothookahs, we have sent numerous PMs in the past, asking that they get involved in the community here. Being involved at the very least, is being helpful and posting in general hookah discussion topics, etc. It doesn't have to be all the time, but once in a while would be nice. Gothookahs has yet to post a general tip/trick/suggestion/helpful advice/etc. All we have seen so far is "pushing of wares" by popping in every so often for that purpose only.

We have other vendors that sponsor contests, post, and sponsor the site in one way or another .. at the very least they are getting involved and not just "using this site as a billboard". They are giving back to the community in some form or fashion. Some vendors go above and beyond! And those are the ones that get my business. Because their participation and commitment to this community is what makes it strong. Believe me, there are vendors lining up to sponsor contests and supporting this community, because they believe in it and are happy to be a part of this growing community.

One thing we really don't like is to be "used" and we would rather support the vendors that are openly willing to participate in this community.

Understand, it is tough to MOD at times, because decisions have to be made that can affect other people, but we "DISCUSS" these conflicts of interest in detail in the MOD section. And all the MODs come to a decision as a group on how to handle a conflict of interest. The MODs of this community work harder then a lot of people may realize. and this particular vendor has been the topic of discussion for a long time now .. as others have said, they receieved multiple warnings. This is not new .. this has been ongoing and building for quite some time.

We are not going to support a vendor that has no invlovement here ... I am sorry if you don't see our reasoning on that. We do not want to be used .. we would prefer no vendor involvement instead of being used ..

Hope this clears some stuff up!? If not, you all know that you can PM me anytime, with questions, comments, or concerns.

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