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Default Re: A great decision to be made

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
I would say order from HookahCompany cause they are cheaper altogether.
And they have a different version of Coconut Coal that is just as good as any coal out there, for 10 bucks!

So you will save money. The amount you save on shipping from HC will offset the cost of you buying Exoticas from H-S.
I really would love to but with the package deal I can get three 250 packs of tangiers and a box of coco-naras for 45 before shipping. At hookah company buying the same but replacing the coco-nara with the HC coco coals would be 52 bucks before shipping.

Edit and follow up:

After shipping and discounts
HC $50.43
H-S $46.29

No lucid in the HC cart since it cost more and the H-S cart horchata lucid since it's the same price as classic.

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